Posted March 3, 2022


Thank you to all of our Legislative Action Day speakers, volunteers, and participants! We are so grateful for your participation and collaboration in the work to prevent and end homelessness and to uphold housing as a human right.

We are especially grateful to our host, Rep. Jim O’Day; our speakers: Aisha Sleiman, John Lane, Judy Gustafson, Renee Spencer, Nevaeh A., Cayla G., Representative Jim O’Day, Representative Christine Barber, Senator Harriette Chandler, Representative Marjorie Decker, Senator Adam Gomez, Senator Becca Rausch, Representative Smitty Pignatelli, Senator John Keenan, and Whitney Airgood-Obrycki; and our volunteers: Charlie Dietrick, Sr. Linda Bessom, Liz Miraglia, and Stephen Fanale.

We look forward to continuing the advocacy and activism with you to ensure that everyone has a safe and permanent place to call home.

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