Individual Shelters In Western Massachusetts

*Emergency shelter refers to shelters that meet short-term needs (for example one-night accommodations or one-time experiences of homelessness) by providing temporary shelter
*Transitional refers to shelters that offer programs to assist people who are ready to move beyond emergency shelter but need additional supportive services to move out of homelessness

Please also see these listings from the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness.

Bartons Crossing Emergency (BCAC)
P.O. Box 644-02
1307 North Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 442-1445 or BCAC at (413) 445-4503
Capacity: 14 emergency beds, 13 transitional beds
Length of Stay: Emergency* beds available for 60 days, transitional* beds available for up to 2 year. 
Services: Case Management at the Shelter includes budget counseling, organizing referrals to legal resources, job search and placement agencies, housing search and tenant advocacy, medical and mental health agencies.
Restrictions: Alcohol and drugs strictly forbidden.
Referral: Self; detox referral agencies.

Grove St. Inn [opens at 4 pm]
91 Grove St.
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-6001
Capacity: 21 total beds for men and women. 
Length of Stay: 60 days.  Extensions maybe provided based on case management.
Wait List: Yes, it is best to call and speak to a person than depending on the voice mail.  The best time to call is after 4pm. You can be on the wait list from 1 to 8 weeks long.
Services: One handicap accessible room; advocacy; counseling; medical clinic referral; transition to work; referral housing referral; 3 meals & snacks.
Language: Spanish speaking staff in the resource center and one Polish speaking staff member at the shelter. 
Restrictions: Sobriety.
Referral: Self. 

Interfaith Cot Shelter
43 Center St.
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-6750
This shelter is managed by Grove Street Inn (413) 586-6001
Capacity: 20 total beds for men and women. 
Length of Stay: First come, first serve. 
Seasonal: Open November 1st to May 1st.
Wait List: No. 
Services: (Same as Grove Street Inn) Spanish speaking staff in the resource center and one Polish speaking staff member at the shelter; one handicap accessible room; advocacy; counseling; medical clinic referral; transition to work referral housing referral; 3 meals & snacks.
Restrictions: Sobriety (dry shelter). Emergency shelter only.
Referral: Self. Line up begins no earlier than 5:30pm and doors open at 6:00pm.  Shelter closes at 7:00am when everyone must leave. 

Samaritan Inn
7 Free St.
Westfield, MA 01805
(413) 568-3122
Capacity: 32 men, 5 women. 
Length of Stay: 90 days.
Wait List: No.
Services: Spanish; advocacy; counseling; 2 meals & snack; nurse; some clothing; referral to other social service agencies and resources. 
Language: Spanish
Restrictions: Sobriety.
Referral: Self (intake process over through a phone call) or through community social service agencies.

Friends of the Homeless
755 Worthington Street
Springfield, MA 01105
(413) 732-3069
Capacity: 120 men, 34 women, and SRO (single room occupancy; distributed through Springfield Housing: (413) 732-0808).
Length of Stay: Based on case management goals. 
Services: Counseling; Advocacy; 3 meals; Spanish; handicapped accessible; day programs; storage facilities. 
Restrictions: 9pm curfew and list of rules given upon entry. 
Referral: Self; call for a phone interview between 8:30am and 4pm. 

Springfield Rescue Mission (2 locations)
19 Bliss Street (Program facility only)
148 Taylor St (Program facility and emergency shelter)
P.O. Box 2435
Springfield, MA 01101
(413) 732-0808
Capacity: Bliss St. is 40 men, Taylor St is 20 men in transitional* program (can be transferred from Bliss St) and 30 men in emergency shelter*.
Length of Stay: Up to one year in the transitional* program and 40 days within emergency shelter*.
Wait List: No; first come, first serve Monday- Saturday 4:00pm-8:00am (line up at 2pm)
Services: Counseling; 3 meals/day; Spanish; handicapped accessible; nursing & dentistry. Restrictions: Drug and Alcohol free; over the age of 18; men only. 
Referral: Self; call and do a phone intake with the case manager. 

Loreto House (treatment facility)
51 Hamilton Street
Holyoke, MA 01040
(413) 533-5909
Capacity: 21 men.
Length of Stay: 2 years upon approval of case manager.
Wait List: Yes.
Services: Basic food; access to medical care; various support services dealing with addictions, housing & employment search; life/survival skills; job preparation assistance; other educational opportunities. 
Restrictions: Sobriety; 9 pm curfew and must be out by 8 am; $300 nominal contribution.
Referral: Self (must have a one on one meeting with case manager and pass a drug test), Agency Referral, Appointment Mon- Fri 8 am-4 pm. 

Craig’s Place
Located in the basement of the First Baptist Church
434 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, Massachusetts 01002
(413) 437-0776
Capacity: 16 men, 6 women
Hours: 9:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Seasonal: November 1st through April 30th
Services:  Overnight shelter, handicap accessible, dinner and breakfast, access to showers, weekly medical clinic, referrals to social services, housing referrals.
Restrictions: Behavior based admission policy. 
Referral: Self, line up begins no earlier than 9:15 p.m.