Family Shelters in Metro West

* Community Room Available

Medway Family Shelter (SMOC)
17 Holliston Street
Medway, MA 02053
Total Capacity: 12 beds among families. 
Services: Counseling; 3 meals; some clothing; handicap accessible, referrals. 
Languages: Spanish. 
Restrictions: Requires sobriety.
Admissions Process:  Requires a referral from the Department of Housing and Community Development. 

Pathways Family Shelter (SMOC)
248 Edgell Road
Framingham, MA 01701
Total Capacity: 13 beds among teen families. 
Services:  Advocacy; counseling community kitchen; food 3 meals/day clothing by referral; limited transportation; storage facilities. 
Restrictions:  Only accepting teen families; sobriety is required on the premises; a 12 am curfew is in effect on weekends. 
Admissions Process:  Requires a referral from the Department of Transitional Assistance to get an Emergency Assistance bed. 

South Middlesex Opportunity Council
7 Bishop Street
Framingham, MA 01702
Total Capacity: 30 beds among families in scattered sites.
Services: Advocacy; counseling; referrals. 
Language: Spanish. 
Waiting list: Yes.
Admissions Process: Must have a referral from the Department of Transitional Assistance and be eligible for Emergency Assistance. 

Family Promise MetroWest*
13 Common Street, Natick, MA  01760
P.O. Box 847
Community Rooms: Only in the day for the 4 families within the program. 
Total Capacity: 4 families.
Services: Meals; referrals; case management; transportation. 
Admissions Process: There is a wait list. People can self-refer, or obtain a referral from a social service agency. 

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  1. Hello,
    I am the hiring manager for our electronic Recycling warehouse in Holliston, Mass. We are in the process of hiring 20+ associates to start work as soon as possible. It would be so great if you can relay this message to all your contacts to let them know there is work.
    We pay between $14.00-$15.00 an hour for full time 7am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday.
    We dismantle and recycler electronics.
    Also, I was thinking about starting a clothing Drive with my employees this spring to donate to your family shelter. What are your thoughts?
    Please contact me with any questions. My cell is 617-448-8882. I can even send you a flyer to hang up.
    Kind regards,
    Colleen Fallo

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