Legislative Action Day 2017 Thank You List

We are grateful to each of the speakers, volunteers, attendees, and supporters!

Legislative Action Day 2017 Thank You List
Thank you to everyone who attended Legislative Action Day 2017 and special thanks to all of the people who helped to make the event possible!

Alice Harty, National Association of Social Workers, Massachusetts Chapter
Allie Godsey, Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
Angela, Rosie's Place
Arlene Snyder, Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Ayanna Clark and the State House Events team
Barbara Barnes, Volunteer
Carlos Betancourt, PACE, Inc.
Catherine Wechsler, Boston College Media Technology Services
Charles Dietrick, Volunteer
Chris Soldt, Boston College Media Technology Services
Councillor Marc McGovern and Jamila Bradley, City of Cambridge
Dick Bauer, Greater Boston Legal Services
Donna Palombo, Boston Ward 21 Democratic Committee
Dr. Amanda Stewart, Boston Children's Hospital
Dr. Jennifer Hoffman, Boston Children's Hospital
Gena Frank, Office of State Representative Smitty Pignatelli
Henry De Lima, Charles Group Consulting
Janelle, Rosie's Place
Kate Saville, Charles Group Consulting
Kevin Lilly, Samaritans Steps
Latrese and Haley House Bakery Cafe
Lauren Leonardis, Massachusetts Commission on Unaccompanied Homeless Youth
Lerae Kroon, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Lucy Costa, Volunteer
Lynetta, Greater Boston Legal Services
Madeligne Tena, Mandela Residents Cooperative Association
Marybeth Bacigalupo-Worden, Worcester Fellowship
Natalie Hill, Volunteer
Rachel Lochner, Rosie's Place
Representative Denise Provost and Jordan Neerhof
Representative Jim O'Day and Cinda Danh
Representative Kay Khan, Lisa Rosenfeld, and Lauren Matteodo
Representative Kevin Honan and Colette Irving
Roxanne Reddington-Wilde, Action for Boston Community Development
Ruth Bourquin, Greater Boston Legal Services
Senator Jamie Eldridge and Danillo Sena
Senator Joseph Boncore and Kathi Young
Senator Pat Jehlen and Tara Smith
Stuart Figuero, Charles Group Consulting