Housing for Youth and Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness

Posted November 7, 2017

Here is a list of housing development projects targeting youth and young adults experiencing homelessness that have received funding from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in recent years. (Information courtesy of DHCD.)

Paige Apartments; Lowell (funded in 2012)
The Caleb Foundation partnered with the Lowell office of the Department of Children and Families to rehab a 10-unit apartment building and provide affordable housing for youth aging out of foster care. DCF provides supportive services designed to help residents successfully transition to independent living.

DIAL/SELF; Orange (funded in 2012)
DIAL/SELF operates a 9-unit SRO building for teenagers experiencing homelessness. Supportive services help residents learn to live independently and avoid backsliding into homelessness. 

St. Mary’s Transitional Housing; Boston (funded in 2014)
St. Mary’s Center operates a 12-unit transitional program in Dorchester for pregnant and parenting women and girls under the age of 25 who previously experienced homelessness and/or have extremely low incomes. Services offered include case management, parenting skills groups, financial literacy, education and job training, domestic violence services, family health literacy, and recovery support.  

Our House; Westfield (funded in 2014)
Domus, Inc. operates 10 units of permanent supportive housing for extremely low-income unaccompanied youth who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Domus employs a live-in site manager, and works with Westfield High School and the local YMCA to provide support services.

Waverly Abby; Boston (funded in 2015)
Sponsored by Bridge Over Troubled Waters, this Brighton-neighborhood project produced and preserved a total of 28 units of affordable housing for young adults, including young mothers with children, who previously experienced homelessness.

Harbor and Lafayette Homes; Salem (funded in 2017)
North Shore CDC was recently awarded funds for Harbor and Lafayette Homes in Salem, which will rehab 27 single room occupancy (SRO) units. Twenty-six units will be affordable, including sixteen that will provide housing and services to youth aging out of foster care.