Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Priorities

Working to Prevent and End Homelessness by Increasing Funding for Housing and Protecting Safety Net Programs

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Priorities
Major areas of FY'16 budget focus:
  1. Adequately fund and protect emergency service programs for families and individuals experiencing homelessness and support key line item provisions.
  2. Increase funding for housing programs serving extremely low-income households.
  3. Adequately fund and protect key income support programs for low-income families and individuals.
  4. Address the needs of unaccompanied youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness by funding housing and wraparound support services (EOHHS Line Items 4000-0007 and 4000-0300).
  5. Continue to fund the transportation of children and youth experiencing homelessness to decrease the costs to cities and towns (ESE Line Item 7035-0008).
Download our FY'16 budget priority list here as a Word Doc or PDF.